Performers & Crews

Information for Performers and Crews

All Performers and Crew are required to enter through the STAGE DOOR located on the South West side of the building to sign-in. This is a security and evacuation requirement.

When you leave the building, it is mandatory that you check out with the STAGE DOOR so we can keep track of who is in the building. There is a $25 charge if you lose the FOB provided to you by the Technical Director or Production Manager. This will be charged to the production you are associated with.

Dressing Rooms

  • There are 8 dressing areas/rooms backstage.
  • Basement Level:

    2 small dressing rooms: 2-6 people with mirrors, lights, counter, washroom and single shower each.
    1 large dressing room: 10-16 people with mirrors, lights, and counters. Note: There is no direct washroom or shower access.
  • Main Level:

    2 star dress rooming: 2-4 people with mirrors, lights and counters, and connecting washroom and single shower each.
  • Top Level:

    2 large dressing room: 6-10 people with mirrors, lights, counters, connecting washrooms and 4 shower stalls.
    1 large dressing room (above stage): 10- 20 people with mirrors, lights, counters, open area perfect for wigs, makeup or chorus dressing room.