Terms & Conditions

For Patrons

The holder agrees to rules established by presenter of event. This ticket is valid only for the date and time issued. The Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts is not responsible for lost or stolen tickets. Ticket holder assumes all risks, incident to the concert of related events including the risk of lost, stolen or damaged property. This ticket is non-refundable. All patrons must have a ticket regardless of age.

More Information

A public pay phone is located in the Main Lobby across from the Main Bar.

The Main Bar accepts CASH only. For your convenience, an ATM is available across from the Box Office.

Coat Check is available in the Main Lobby and only open if the weather permits.

Every patron must have a ticket to gain entry in the Main Auditorium. We are bound to this by Fire Regulation in order to have an accurate count of the number of patrons in the Main Auditorium during a performance. We are prohibited to fill the house beyond its regulated capacity. There are no exceptions to this requirement including infants and children.

Terms of Use

  1. All Sales are final. No request for cancellations or refunds is accepted. Exchanges can only be made on performances presented by the Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts.
  2. The Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts reserves the right to charge a fee for any exchanges.
  3. Mailed tickets are generally received 7 to 10 days after purchase date. If you do not receive your tickets, please contact the Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts during regular box office hours (Mon. - Sat. 10am to 6pm)
  4. Tickets being held at "will call" will be at the venue box office for pick up on the day of the performance. The box office is open 60 minutes before curtain time. Please arrive early to allow sufficient time for parking and to avoid the last minute rush.
  5. In order to pick up tickets at the box office, the credit card used at the moment of purchase or valid identification (e.i. valid driver's license, passport) must be provided. In case that someone other than the person who placed the order is picking up the tickets, the credit card used for purchase along with an authorization note from the cardholder must be presented.
  6. Late arrival may result in non-admittance until a suitable break in the performance.
  7. In the event that a performance is either cancelled or postponed, the Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts will make every effort to contact every patron.
  8. While the Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts regrets the inconvenience caused by such circumstances, the Centre cannot be held responsible for any costs or damage such postponement or cancellation may incur. Similarly, the conduct of events and performances for tickets purchased is the sole responsibility of the event organizer and venue operators.
  9. The Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts cannot be held responsible or liable for injuries, loss or damages incurred by patron while attending any events.
  10. Refunds on tickets purchased are made for a cancelled or postponed event only. In all instances when a ticket is refunded, only the price of the ticket is refunded.
  11. Refunds or exchanges will not be issued solely on the basis of any change(s) or cancellations of opening acts.
  12. It is the sole responsibility of the purchaser to confirm any order placed with the Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts. The Centre will not be responsible for any losses or damages due to a failure to receive a confirmation of the purchase. If no confirmation of the order is received, (in the form of a confirmation number or email) please contact the box office during regular hours.